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On jobsites throughout the country, Quality Tower Services, Ltd. (QTS) has established an unparalleled record for success. QTS's experience covers a broad range, from a single tower to multisite, fully-integrated communications systems.
QTS is ideally suited to handle your entire job-from site preparation to system testing and optimization. Our knowledgeable and well-trained certified personnel have been involved in the provision of PCS infrastructure build-outs, roof top installations, co-locations, stealth applications, and raw land development of new PCS/Broadband sites. For the future of broadcasting, QTS is experienced and equipped to meet turn-key construction of new towers up to 1200', and analysis of existing structures.

Our logistical flexibility and skilled personnel allow for custom designed service to fit your particular needs. QTS can assume full responsibility for the project, making our firm the single point of contact for the customer.

Our Name Says It All

Quality Tower Services!

Our promise to you, our client, is quality service-before, during and after the job. Satisfied clients include: Granger Telecom, TX-DOT, Rohn Products, Global Energy Concepts, R. H. Tonetti Construction, Trico Tower, City of El Paso, Holloman AFB, just to name a few. The experience of our personnel started in 1967, and continues to grow with each and every project.